Bits and Pieces

While some children are not in school because they are away with a club or dance school, etc. we record that as learning elsewhere. However if you take your child out of school for holiday reasons I have been asked to share this with you. See the letter from the Acting Head of Education regarding Holidays during term time letter.

Similar to this I will be issuing letters to parents whose children are late coming to school as this is just as disruptive to both the children coming late and to those who are sitting ready to learn. Let’s work together to find ways to get your child to school on time. One of the Smithton Family Team’s successes has been working alongside families for this very reason so don’t be shy about seeking help.

On a different note, I have a black jacket ‘Next’ make, for an eight year old and with an orange beanie hat in the pocket..looks brand new…contact the school office if you think it belongs to your child.

We have some parents signed up for the Seasons for Growth Parent Sessions taking place tomorrow 4.30 – 6.30. A wee reminder in case it got lost in the Christmas weeks that this is to help parents explain things to their children about separation in their households. You are not expected to discuss your circumstances! This is a very helpful programme to give you the words to use to help your child understand your family circumstances and how they have changed.

Finally, please see these photos below. The nursery (ELC) children were all engaged, working cooperatively and calmly with each other when I was in the playrooms today. So lovely to see such a hive of activity and learning taking place!


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