Happy New Year!

Looking forward to working with everyone again. A sincere warm welcome to our new nursery children who started today. We hope they settle in and their parents are not too upset at leaving them with us!

HT Learning summary is available on the website heading above.

Library trips: these are fantastic opportunities to walk in the community and use the local library but to have these trips we rely on volunteer support. We thank you all so much to those who have the time to do this – it really is appreciated. If you want to volunteer to help out or a grand parent wants to do this you can walk with any class. We are particularly needing folk to help out with P2 and Mrs Mitchell’s class. Can you help?

Tuesday 21st January at 1.30pm

Tuesday 11th February at 1.30pm

Tuesday 10th March at 1.30pm

February weekend – The Barn Church is holding a free holiday club for all school aged children:

holiday club

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