Bits and Pieces

christmas tree

By the time you read this Christmas parties and Christmas lunch will have been enjoyed! This was Ms Nicol’s first Christmas in charge of the cooking and she was amazing..helped by her team and the P7 elves who served the rest of the school very well. Thank you to staff who plan for and create lovely, safe, varied and friendly parties to cater for all needs.

We’ve been blighted by staff absences again this week so thank you to supply staff and our own being creative in covering classes to ensure the children and young people get quality learning experiences right up to the last minute. We wish our staff who are absent a healthy return hopefully for tomorrow and certainly to enjoy family and friends over the holidays. A special mention has to go out to Ms Blair who has injured her knee badly but who has carried on regardless with crutches and hasn’t missed a day.

We look forward to seeing you at our assembly tomorrow morning at Smithton Free Church – 9.30am. There’s a cuppa afterwards supplied by the church so we are grateful to them for that. School and ELC finish at normal times tomorrow and start at usual opening times for school and ELC 6th January 2020.

Into the new year:

seasons parents

Here at Smithton we are lucky to have Jo and Lauren who are trained to offer both of the Season’s Parent Programmes. One is about supporting your child following the death of someone they love, the other is about supporting your child following separation or divorce.

We would like to begin by offering you the second of the two programmes; Supporting your child following separation or divorce.

Who is the Seasons Parent Programme for?

  • Any Parent/Carer looking to support their children through family change and loss

What does it do?

  • Supports Parents/Carers to better understand the experience of separation or divorce from the child’s perspective
  • To explore ideas and strategies that you can use to support your children through family changes

Please note – these sessions are devoted to helping you have those difficult conversations with your child and at no point are you asked to share your story!

We would love to offer this when we return from the school holidays. If you would like more information about the programme please contact Jo on or 07979225018, alternatively sign up with me–

There will be two sessions, each lasting 2 hours. We can offer places to up to 8 Parents and each of you will receive your own journal.

We know that everyone’s schedules are different, so this time we will be looking to run the programme on Wednesday 8th and Wednesday 15th January. Times to be confirmed as people sign up, but the sessions would take place after 4pm.

Due to limited places on this programme sign up is essential.

On a completely different note:


To all staff: one more sleep! To parents and carers: enjoy every moment with your families over the holidays.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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