Frosty Monday

Please take care on paths and roads today – ice everywhere! It will be a great stimulus for art work no doubt in classes…

Last week Charlie shared his book report with me – great to see someone enthusiastic about his reading.


Wolf Brother –  A Review

I have just finished reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. It was illustrated by Geoff Taylor. It is set in the stone age in the land of Chronicals of Ancient Darkness. The main characters are Torak, a twelve year old boy, a Wolf and Renn, a red haired girl.

Torak goes on a journey to kill the demon bear that killed his father. On the journey he finds an orphaned wolf cub that he can talk to and makes friends with Renn. Together they travel to the Mountain of the World Spirit and have many adventures on the way. When they arrive at the mountain Torak has to fight the bear to avenge his father and save the forest.

I enjoyed the book because it had a lot of adventure and excitement. The characters were interesting and very smart, it was like a chess board game with the moves they made. The writer made me want to know what was going to happen next. It sounded as if the land and people really existed. I was sorry when the book ended. It made me want to read the next books in the series. 

I would recommend the book, it is a good book. I think it would be good for people age nine and older because it has adventure and lots of excitement that they would enjoy. I think adults would also enjoy reading this book as it is set in the older ages and is is exciting.

ELC learning summary update and school summary ready to read.

We are still getting photos from years gone by at Smithton – keep them coming so we can display them 30th November at our open afternoon.

Have a good week!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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