Happy Friday!

Thanks to the Smithton Family Team for organising breakfast for families this morning in the community room and for making sure the weather was lovely for the walk! All are welcome to any of the walks or breakfasts that are organised. Come along and feel part of the Smithton family. Remember the family walk tomorrow in Culloden Woods with Mrs Mack.

walk 1

A huge thank you to you all for your kind donations for Children in Need – nearly £300! The P7s were great face painters and organised the games well – thank you!

P4 and Miss Blair wowed us in assembly with their knowledge and passion for life under the sea and reminded us of how important our planet is.


Our star awards group for the week had a full range of achievements. It’s always a highlight of the week hearing of the progress of so many of our young people in the school. I love the spontaneous hugs and cheers that some give to their pals when they get the award!

star awards 3

Please note due to staff shortages Miss Bennett will now be greeting families at both gates – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at her usual place and Tuesday and Thursday at the back gate where I am usually. I will now be in the playground Monday – Friday from 8.45am. We are ever grateful to our supply teachers who have worked with us over the last few weeks and will continue next week as staff fight off infections and illnesses. Thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe, warm and looking out for each other as the winter nights draw in.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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