School Lunches 12th December

Do you want your child to have a school lunch 12th December? If so please note the following from Highland Council’s catering team:

The packed lunch offering will consist of:-

Ham or cheese sandwich

Piece of fruit




(Some items may vary dependent on availability)


The catering service need the pre-order numbers by Thursday 5th December, to allow time for ordering the necessary stock for both food and packaging supplies. This service is available to all pupils, i.e those paying and those entitled to a free school meal.  The cost will be the normal price of a school meal at £2.30.


  • Packed lunches would have to be pre ordered – orders and payments to the relevant school kitchen by Thursday 5th December.


  • Packed lunches would be made up and available for pupils to take home at the end of the school day on Wednesday 11th December.

 Once all packed lunches are collected and taken home/away, Highland Council will not accept further responsibility, it will be up to parents and carers to accept responsibility for the appropriate storage of the packed lunch in relation to food safety.

Further information next week when Ms Nicol, cook in charge, and I have had a conversation about this.

Aileen Mackay, HT.

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