Stay Healthy!

We have a number of staff off this week already again. Please be patient with us as we cover each other and try to give your child a continuing quality service. Please remember the 48 hour rule – if your child is sick but feels better after a day give your child learning activities at home before returning to school. Dojo your child’s teacher who will give you suggestions if needed.

Jess and football

Message from a proud mum:

Wow what a fantastic night, we had at Inverness Caledonian Stadium for our Thistle Girls FC awards ceremony 2018/19.

I’m a super proud mummy, my beautiful little lady Jessica receives not just a medal but collected 2 trophies 1 for P5/6 player of the year 2019, and the other for winning in the Edinburgh cup for her outstanding hard work she has put into training with her girls football club, since joining them in April 2019.

Thistle girls FC coaches do fantastic training, and Jessica wouldn’t be where she is today without the support from all the coaches who volunteer and who have given Jessica and others a head start in life to know what she wants to do as a career.

Since Jessica started in April 2019, she loves having time every weekend with her football family. She has traveled up and down the north of Scotland and has made so many friends.

 Jessica has climbed the ladder so far, I can’t wait  to see where she will be in 5 yrs.

School  photos tomorrow: we’ll get the photographer to take all photos of families but you are under no obligation to buy them. If your child is off sick we will get a further date – please don’t send your child to school if unwell.

Breakfast and well being walk on Friday. Come for either or both! Meet the new Smithton Family Team. From left top right: Jo Downie, Rose Hall, Lorraine Cran. Family walk on Saturday with Mrs McCormack.

Smithton Family Team.jpg

HT Learning Summary available and go to the ELC section ‘Current Learning‘ to see new photos of what they have been up to!

Stay healthy,

Aileen Mackay, HT


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