Welcome back to Winter!

Looking forward to seeing everyone back at school today refreshed and ready for the ‘glitter term’ ahead. Please make sure all jackets, gloves and scarves have your child’s name and class clearly labelled so that if things get taken off in the playground they are easily matched back up to the rightful owner.

Please remind your child to cross roads more carefully at this time of year as motorists’ views can be impaired with the height of the sun and the sun setting around 4pm.

Extra curricular starts this term in earnest…apologies for lateness of the form coming out but with trying to get the new wing of the school functional for this term, it took some time as you can imagine. Here’s the link to the online form but you can get a paper copy if you prefer. You will hear back only if your child has not received a place in the club – expect to be accepted. (More in the head teacher learning summary later today..)

Parent Council update – Please read for lots of information and dates for your diary. With continued thanks to all the council for what they do and how they try to keep everyone informed.

Have a good term ahead, everyone!

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