Classroom Observations

This week I have been ‘monitoring’ P1KM,  discussing learning  with Miss Mackay and her pupils to find out what it’s like to be in that class.

I’ve been joining in with them in their morning routines and watching how fine motor skills are being developed and  seeing ‘morning musical magic’, singing and circle time activities.  All the children are engaged and working hard, although they say they are quite tired at the end of the day!

There is a very warm and caring atmosphere in the classroom and the children are working hard at being ‘ready, respectful and safe’.  Class Dojos are proving very popular and the children are enjoying the responsibility of their weekly ‘jobs’.  It’s great to see and hear such a positive attitude to learning. As one pupil commented, ‘We want to learn lots, so that we can do stuff that we couldn’t do before.’  Keep up the great work P1KM!

Mr West

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