Good news and bad news

Smithton Primary School

Delighted that Morgan Sindall sent us this photo for our blog! Mrs Scott was the first head teacher of the school and Mr Briggs was one of the original construction workers. A real privilege to have them with us on Monday.

The good news…

Nursery showered Mrs Brande yesterday with gifts and love as she turned ‘twenty one’! It was lovely to see her walking home with a balloon in her hand and a smile on her face…

ma brande

The bad news….

Unfortunately Parent Council is having to postpone the disco next week as the DJ has a family funeral. He is terrific with the young people and doesn’t charge us a huge sum so we would rather wait and have a disco possibly second week back after the holidays rather than get someone else.

We have a number of absences at the moment and now including staff which has a direct impact on your children. A reminder that if your child is sick – for whatever reason – he/she should remain absent from school for 48 hours counted after the last bout of vomiting. Even if your child is back to bouncing around, we can suggest ideas to keep up his/her learning at home and get back to full health, reducing infection to others or further illness as resilience can be low.

Have a good day!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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