Official Opening

We had a great morning with Morgan Sindall, councilors and House Captains. There was an official photographer (an ex Smithton parent, Mr Weatherspoon!) so I will share the photos when I get them but here are a few to keep us going…

The house captains welcomed the guests and then showed them round. Two main guests were Mrs Scott who was the first head etacher of Smithton in 1974 and Mr Biggs, one of our grandparents who was a brickie working on the original school. They cut the ribbon with the house captains and were presented with flowers and chocolates. The architect technician, Mr Jack, made it clear that the building he designed was for the children as ‘it’s all about them’. It was strange seeing Colin and Jacek in shirts and ties (they have obviously been at Smithton long enough to feel part of the team – both dressed in Smithton blue!) but needless to say Jordan was still in his work clothes – well someone has to keep working! Colin wanted me to to reiterate his thankfulness to all Smithton residents and families for their patience again while the work was taking place. We’re not finished yet: October holidays for the painting and floor work of the games hall and then modifications to portacabin beside nursery to make it a room for ELCC: breakfast club and after school care for all age groups. I’ve been told definitely all finished by Christmas….Mr Cameron and his team have been fantastic and we’re delighted that the same team will be working on the nursery extension. Remember to keep 30th November 2pm-4pm clear for our official opening to welcome everyone.

Meanwhile now the pavement is back in our possession and not a road (!) one nursery child had great fun showing off her scooter skills this afternoon. And yes, she did give me a shot….

nursery scooter

Learning summary for the week available for school here

Looking forward to seeing you either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday evening at the parent contact sessions.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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