Brimming with Thanks on a Friday!

HLH image Kate Retires

Please pass on my thanks to everyone at Smithton Primary for all the lovely letters, cards, hugs and good wishes I have received on my retirement.

Over the years, working with the staff and pupils at Smithton has been one of the most satisfying aspects of my job and, as I prepare to leave it, I know that I will miss you all.

For the last time, I take this opportunity to wish everyone a great, and well-deserved, summer holiday and ongoing successes in the new session.

With very Best Wishes,


Kate Gordon
Library Supervisor, Culloden Library

We will miss Kate very much but thank her for making our library trips each week happen.

Spanish Visitors

Both Duncan Forbes and ourselves had Spanish head teachers visiting yesterday and they were hugely impressed with the set up at Smithton. The children were friendly, used great manners every time we were walking beside them or in corridors and they were impressed at the wide variety of parents who are involved in one way or another. I’ve set up Skype calls next term with one of the schools so hopefully classes will get involved in sharing their work. They thanked us all.


Sorry – no photos! We were too busy having fun, spending time with each other – old and new friends of the school together. A massive thank you once again for all you did making sure there were goods to be sold yesterday and also spending! I am proud of the volunteer pupils who gave up their afternoons to make sure others had a good time. The sporting events in the MUGA were terrific and the glitter tattoos were brilliant. Staff went out of their way to make it a success and if ever you needed to see a well oiled machine at work it was Smithton Primary and Nursery staff yesterday. On top of the MFR over £6000, you raised nearly £1800 yesterday afternoon! Thank you once again. It seems such  a small phrase but it is packed with sincerity and gratitude from us all.

disco A wee reminder about the disco on Monday night. Remember there will be cake and coffee for any parent that wants to stay on and hear about the teenage brain! We were offering this to P7 parents as their youngsters move onto secondary school but there will be others who have teenagers as well as younger children so please feel free to come along and hear from Emma and Jo. It’s a terrific talk and well worth coming to, as well as getting some refreshments while you wait for your child at the disco.

Can I also take this opportunity to remind you of the Parent Council policy of adults coming to pick up your child after the disco and that an older sibling is not deemed to be an adult for this. It’s all about keeping your child safe, not to annoy you! A huge thanks as always to the Parent Council team and the willing parents who come to support these events.

So to sum up – a huge thanks for all everyone does to make Smithton such a great place to work and learn together!

Aileen Mackay, HT


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