Moving On….

old and new

New classes from August will be shared with parents tomorrow at 3.30pm via Dojo. If you do not use Dojo and have let your child’s teacher know, you will receive the information on paper at the end of the school day. Please note that these are subject to change until August 21st. There have been a number of changes  already since Easter due to increased numbers which means classes can change. A number of our classes are completely full already. I have let you know as soon as possible…it’s been trickier than most this year.

Our P7 year group will be heading to Culloden Academy on Monday for three days! They should make their own way there and we look forward to hearing all their news on Thursday on their return. Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any issues.

With the Council’s new strategy for additional support we will be reducing our staffing. Ms Miller’s hours have been halved, Ms Holmes is moving to Merkinch Primary and Mrs Bee is to be given a new school on her return from maternity leave. Mrs Tough’s hours are to be reduced to three days a week in our school and one day somewhere else. It’s going to mean  a huge adjustment for everyone but I’m sure we will continue to work together for our children.

The Parent Council always run a disco at the end of the school year with a special treat for P7s. We’re delighted that they are continuing this year. In the last few years parents have tended to come for the last half hour to take photos of the group and to chat together. This year the P7 parents are invited to come and have cake and to chat with Jo and Emma as well about the teenage brain and what to expect! Please come at 8pm if you would like to be part of the discussion, share in a celebratory cake and stay on to take the photos before taking your child home. We thank the volunteer parents for all they do to prepare for these discos and for keeping the children safe. Please read the disco collection policy before allowing your child to come to the disco on Monday 1st July.

A thanks, in advance, to Mrs Kirkham and her crew for the summer picnic tomorrow. They always do us proud! Enjoy getting dressed up as builders…

Aileen Mackay, HT

2 thoughts on “Moving On….

  1. So are you saying the classes are going to be bigger but less teaching staff? If so how is that helpful to the children? The teacher’s have a hard enough job as it is with the amount off children to be taught. Who and why decided to cut the staff? I will sign off by praising the staff for the work they do thank you.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. The elected members voted to reduce the Additional Support Needs budget which is having an impact on how class teachers will have to arrange learning. Donna Manson is the Chief Executive and James Vance is the Interim Head of Education and ASN. I’m happy to discuss with you in person if that would be helpful. I agree entirely with you about the staff at Smithton and how dedicated they are as well as highly skilled. The children and their families make working here a pleasure.


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