Fete arrangements – Friday 28th June

A reminder that our school fete is on Friday 28th June at 1.30pm.

It is important to remember on the day of the fete that ALL PUPILS FROM P1 – P7 WILL BE DISMISSED AT 12.00 NOON.  ELCC (Nursery) will be open all day for pupils as usual.  If your child is having a school lunch, this will be served for all pupils at 11.45am.

Please note that if you or a responsible adult are unable to accompany your child to the fete, then provision will be made at school for your child to be supervised.  If you have not done so already, please fill in the form below to indicate what your child will be doing on the day of the fete (P1-P7 pupils only) and return it to your child’s teacher.  Alternatively, please contact your child’s teacher via Class Dojo or contact the school office.

Many thanks.

fete letter 2019

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