The Results Are In…..

School Challenge final figures

I can’t get my head round your generosity but in some ways it doesn’t surprise me. Staff, parents and young people are amazing in Smithton. People have been generous with their time as well as their money, giving both sacrificially. Your ideas for fund raising have been terrific! I also have to mention the house captains who came up with a lot of the initial plan and the Parent Council for keeping me on my toes but the individual stories are incredible: climbing Fyrish, washing cars, tidying bedrooms (that doesn’t have to stop…!), helping with the shopping, gardening, etc. Thanks to those who shared their stories on the way and who sent in photos.

My aim was to write a blog this morning with photos from the Talent Show last night and to say I didn’t care what place we got or how much money we would have raised as it has just been so fantastic to see many new faces getting involved with the fund raising. Unfortunately there was a glitch with my computer! The photos will come…what a great night out and I’d love to think it might be an annual event?

We’ll see who wins the Caley Shirt and all the raffle prizes…as well as the live draw for the Noel Gallagher signed guitar. (He needs to come and listen to Brogan play!)

I’m humbled to work here and so proud to be associated with this community and school.

Aileen Mackay, HT on  behalf of the staff and young people.


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