Details for the Guitar that Noel Gallagher Signed


After the brilliant email that Korey and Callan wrote to Noel Gallagher’s ‘people’ we were delighted that Mr Gallagher took the time to sign our guitar!

The Parent Council are now running a raffle for the chance to win this amazing prize.  Entries cost £5 and draw will take place on Friday 14th June 2019.  To be in with a chance of winning please contact Smithton Primary Parent Council/Parent Forum on facebook –

Noel Gallagher Poster

Share this with all your friends and families, please.

As for Noel’s handwriting….well let’s just say he obviously didn’t do his ‘dough disco’ pre writing skills at Smithton nursery nor did he come to P1 at our school….! We’ll forgive him though and we thank him for his generosity of time to do this for us as he only arrived in Inverness at 7.45pm and was on the stage for 8pm. (Thanks Mr Jamieson for taking the guitar down and back for us.)


There will be no popcorn on Thursday but a cupcake instead. The price will be 50p. Mrs Kirkham is going to bake them all so no donations required…we’ll be looking for your baking for the school fete 28th June!

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