Bits and Pieces


Thistle Colt Girls are ready to shout for the Scotland Team. Come on, Scotland! (Hope dad can cope with three footballing girls hogging the TV…) Maybe one day we’ll be shouting for them representing Scotland!

chloe kilt walk

Uncle Kyle would have been so proud to see you doing the Kilt Walk, Chloe! Well done. we’re really chuffed for your perseverance and dedication.

Bag packers did a fantastic job! Thanks to their parents who had been briefing them beforehand about how to pack (!) and for all of our friends and families who came to get their shopping. Thanks, too, for the parents who supported the children when they were there and for giving up their time to do this. Customers were very generous and we can’t thank Morrison’s enough (there are other supermarkets!) for the opportunity and for their lovely customers.

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