Always on the Go!

Don’t believe it when people say that all kids do nowadays is stay inside watching Youtube or playing video games!

Around 2460km (or around 1525 miles) was traveled last week with all the ways of getting to school and the events that we carried out. Well done everyone. Where could that take us?! One of my favourite destinations is, apart from Smithton, Rome, about 1500 miles away… More photos from Friday’s Walk in the Woods will be up this week. I believe there was an intruder who came, too – a red squirrel!

Ella managed to raise money for our fundraiser with MFR by having a bake sale at her nana’s work – well done, Ella! She also managed to fit in Race for Life last week, too..and she’s still smiling after the event.


Kian has done well with his boxing again last weekend! We’re always so proud of all our youngsters pushing themselves to achieve whether it’s trophies and medals or reaching personal goals. All are to be celebrated.

kian boxing

School Fundraiser The fundraising ideas keep coming in and we’re so thankful for everyone’s efforts. I can’t thank individuals who go and donate directly as it’s all anonymous and secretive to keep us guessing but I am told every time a donation is made – so thank you all very much!

Couple of things to add this week from parents and kids’ ideas: a dress up/down day on Friday where you don’t have to wear school uniform but you must give £1 for the privilege! Also any brown coins (or silver!) will be greatly accepted if you find any in tins, behind sofas, etc. We have a parent who will collect them all and take them to her bank to sort out.

Yesterday staff donated lunch items and all paid into the fund. No pictures as we were too busy eating! (It’s not often we can sit together as a staff for half an hour so it was really good. our in service day was about our positive relationships amended policy and the effects of change, loss and bereavement on young people and families.)

Learning summary will be up later today. I have been holding off writing it as there will be news about additional support needs for next session but things are changing all the time. A record of our situation will be uploaded later.

Have a good day,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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