Keep on Walking…..

After our family walk last Saturday we have another two walks planned. Hopefully parents and carers will be able to join us for the ‘Walk in the Woods’ on Friday this week (weather holding up so far – hooray!) and also we have a ‘Summer Saunter’ planned. Between scooting, cycling and walking I reckon we’re in pretty good shape. We’ve been totally the number of miles walked this week and by the end we’ll share how far we could have gone in the week.



“Join Emma Campbell and Jo Chamberlain for a walk on Friday 7th June.

 Meeting at the school in the playground at 9am and returning at approximately 1015am. When we return to the school there will tea and coffee available and the chance to quiz Emma about sleep. Don’t fancy the walk? Join us at the school at 1030am for the session on sleep only.

 Please do let us know if you would like to come along. Email Text: 07979225018”

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