An Active Start to Our Sports and Health Week!

It was a hectic day on Saturday as so many of us were involved in walking or athletics. Thanks to all staff who gave up their time but I think secretly everyone enjoyed themselves! It was great to see so many children and young people taking part and with smiles or determination on their faces. Well done to all!

Family Forest Walk

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Inter-school Athletics

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Isla has now completed her way through her swimming lessons. Next stop: junior life guard!

isla swim

Remember you can pop along to see what’s happening in the playground and you may even get to join in this week. There’s so much happening from indoor bowls to tennis and basketball. here’s hoping we get dry spells so our fun isn’t spoilt. When the children are in class they will be focusing on healthy hearts, healthy bodies and healthy minds. We’re also keeping a daily total of the miles we have either walked, cycled or scootered this week as a whole school so we can see how far we’ve ‘traveled’ in a week. Mums, dads, family and friends: if you’ve walked, run, scootered, cycled or had a swim do let us know how far and we’ll add your totals, too! With the Walk in the Woods to finish on Friday, we’ll hopefully have clocked up hundreds of miles…

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