P1CN assembly and Star Awards

Congratulations to this week’s Star Award winners and to P1CN for a wonderful assembly based around their learning about ‘Water’.  Here’s a summary of some the things they’ve been doing:

‘We have learned all about the Water Cycle and to help us remember the process, changed the words of our favourite song ‘Baby Shark’ to include the Water Cycle.  You might have seen we made our very own water cycles and placed them on our classroom window so we could see each part of the cycle.  We have been practising saying and explaining some very tricky words, including evaporation, condensation and precipitation.  We received a lot of help from other members of the school during our topic – Mrs Aitken, Ms Holmes and the gardening group helped us to plant potatoes and create cress heads and P6/7CG helped us on the tablets to research other plants and flowers that need water to survive.  We also learned that water can be dangerous and have a special code that we follow to keep us safe – Stay Away From the Edge.  This is easy to remember as it spells the word ‘SAFE’. ‘ Thank you for sharing with us P1CN!

P1CN assemblyIMG_1265

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