Tesco £2000 Award – Thank You All!

Thank you so much for collecting tokens for the school. These tokens have turned into £2000!

Smithton Primary Grow, Play, Explore project will help Smithton Primary School children and the local community connect, create and learn more about each other and the environment that they live in.

The School recognised that they would like to create more opportunities for local community interaction and learning outside the school grounds. After discussions with the children through the Pupil Learning Council, it was agreed that growing plants, making noise/ music with musical instruments and providing opportunities to explore Smithton green space would enable the children engage in opportunities for community connection and involvement. This would help to reinforce their learning about each other and the natural areas out with the school grounds.

We intend to:

Grow for Good:  The project will enable the children to grow plants and trees for good reasons. This may be to enhance a local space, help and learn about local wildlife or to give a plant or flowers as a gift to a local resident in need of cheering up.

Play for people:Using instruments that are suitable for the outdoors, children will make noise and music in their local community and school.

Go for Green: Children will be given the opportunity to learn about the local natural areas in their community, by taking part in forest school and other outdoor learning projects.

 Introducing the growing for good, playing for people, going for green project is important because:

Children and staff will be given more opportunities to interact creatively and positively with people living in their local community.

 Children and staff will gain greater knowledge, skills and confidence to play, grow and learn more about each other and others of all ages who attend their school and live in their local community.

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