It’s March already!

A few bits and pieces here today:

Learning Summary available

World Book Day reminder for Thursday (see last week’s and this week’s learning summary for more details) and here’s a poster for our health and well being session on Friday afternoon:


Thank you to the parents who phoned the school worried about a drone flying overhead. After investigation and contact from the police we discovered it was owned by the council and they were taking aerial photos of the flood prevention works. I have been assured that there are no images that contain children and young people and have been given assurances that they will let us know any other time they will be taking these aerial photos so that people are not alarmed needlessly.

Can I also draw your attention to the Parent Council Facebook page regarding a post that I sent out about a ‘game’ that is doing the rounds which is potentially harmful to young people. I won’t be putting it on the blog as classes routinely read the school website and I don’t necessarily want to draw it to their attention – or to get scared by the image. As always, please be vigilant with what your children are accessing online and check that you know all the procedures to staying safe online. Miss Noble had information on e-safety day in February and we upload advice regularly on the website page under curriculum and digital learning.

Looking forward to seeing you over the next three nights for parent contact sessions (school Tuesday and Wednesday and ELC on Thursday).

Aileen Mackay, HT

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