Class Observations – The Nursery

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It’s always good to learn what’s happening first hand in classrooms – but it’s even better when the head teacher gets to spend time in the playrooms! The children were engaged in their learning and were keen to share their ‘Learning Journey’ folders with me, showing me how much they can now do. Puppets, Valentine cards, stories, construction vehicles, music time and the great outdoors. Phew! They must be exhausted by the end of the day.

Making and spotting patterns is a key skill in beginning to understand writing. The children have been having fun finding patterns outside, on their clothes, on rockets and lots more!

The staff work tirelessly in making sure the children have a good start to their formal education through play and it is good to see then in and around the school building so they understand that they are not just part of the school but, indeed, the very foundation of Smithton Primary.

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