Science on Wednesday!

cosy corner playground.jpg

I couldn’t resist sharing this great photo from the playground on Friday. The ‘Cosy Corner’ game then turned into a beauty area with free massages! Great fun….

Remember our open afternoon on Wednesday 2.15 – 3.15 where we will be carrying out science experiments to let you see another area of the curriculum and how we are tackling it. Come to the entrance opposite the nursery and you will be welcomed at any point between 2.15 and 3.15.

Please continue to be aware of the flood prevention works and the disruption at various times along the path to school. We’re trying to make sure there is always a path from the church to the school so that there is a safe route all the way. If your child walks this way to school with friends or by themselves please check road safety with your child to remind them what to do if the path is blocked sue to the works at the moment.

Next Monday and Tuesday are holidays so remember there is no school. The children are also off on Wednesday but staff are in as we will be reviewing our relationships education and we will have our session on British Sign Language – the second language that we have agreed to learn from P5 onwards (we use Makaton from nursery at the moment) based on parents’ ideas a few years ago. We will have information about both of these at the next parent Council meeting to keep you informed and to get your input, too.

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Learning summaries from early years and school now available on the tabs above or clicking on the words will take you directly to the pages.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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