Any Excuse for Literacy!

Esmae had great fun yesterday morning walking to nursery and writing her name in the snow with a stick!

esmae snow


Talking and Listening is vital in the very early years…

During Roots of Empathy this week, Primary 5/6 explored how much Caring and Planning goes into looking after a baby and when someone might feel embarrassed by learning how babies get their nappies changed. In the lead up to this, we had explored and compared the difference between reusable and disposable nappies considering their comfort, cost and convenience. When baby Lexy was then visiting us, we watched her get her nappy changed and were able to see that not everyone was comfortable with the situation because we had either never seen a naked baby or was not used to one in our classroom. However, we also saw that it was important to be respectful of Lexy even though some of us felt embarrassed so that she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. We were amazed at how much baby Lexie had grown since her last visit and we loved watching her show us her new skill of rolling onto her tummy all by herself. Unfortunately, poor baby Lexy is teething so she got a wee bit upset but we were able to calm her down by singing her favourite song; baby shark.

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