Grow, Play, Go!

If any of you shop in Tesco (there are other supermarkets and we’re not asking you to change your shopping routines!) we would be delighted if you would collect the tokens and put them into our ‘Smithton Primary Grow, Play, Go Project’ which will allow us to grow fruit and vegetables, create a quiet outdoor sensory area and ensure we have resources to keep heart rates going! It is also a wider project in that we want to give back to the community. So for example, we may grow the vegetables but we would make soup with the produce for people in our community.

The Highland Hospice is also looking for tokens so we totally appreciate that you may want to put your tokens there but if you can say to friends and families to consider giving us some tokens we’d be really delighted!

Learning summaries for nursery and school are available under the headings of the tabs above.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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