Parent Session: Seasons for Growth

Jo and Emma

Seasons for Growth Adult Seminar at Smithton

As you may remember, we introduced our two new members of staff; Emma Campbell and Jo Chamberlain, last term. We mentioned that they would be offering a Parent/Carer session for Seasons for Growth. This session will take place on Wednesday 21st November 6-8pm at Smithton Primary School.

Seasons for Growth is already offered at Smithton to pupils, and is a change, loss and bereavement programme that is run over 8 sessions; which helps children to understand and manage change, loss and grief in their lives.

We recognise that it isn’t only our pupils who have experienced change, loss and bereavement and would like to offer Parents and Carers the opportunity to engage with the Seasons programme. Should there be interest after the initial session, Emma and Jo would be willing to run the small group programme for people who think they would benefit from time to discuss and learn ways of coping with their own grief.

The Parent/Carer session will be 2 hours long, and looks at what grief is, things that trigger it, how it impacts on us and considers strategies to help us move forward from it. You may want to attend this session because of your own losses, or to help you understand how change and loss may impact on your child.

If you would like to attend this session, or can’t manage on the night but are interested in being part of an adult Seasons group, please get in touch with me by email

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