Children in Need/ Scoot-a-thon

Children in Need 2018 will take place on Friday this week (16th Nov.).  Hope you and your children  are looking forward to getting spotty!


This will take place throughout the day on Thursday (15th Nov.) with the exception of the three P6/7 classes, who will do their scooting on the Friday.   The sessions will be led by Iain Thompson from Sustrans.  We plan to keep it simple – pupils will be able to scoot around the playground, following a course set out with cones.  Scooters, helmets and hi-viz jackets will be provided.  The emphasis will be on fun, with the hope that it may also encourage children to get out on their own bikes and scooters more often.

Children in Need Day – Friday 16th

A ‘Dress-up Spotty’ day.  Donations will be collected in the morning.

CiN Flyer 2018

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