Classroom observations

This week I have been ‘monitoring’ P5/6AN, discussing learning with Miss Nicol and her pupils to find out what it’s like to be in that class.

I’ve been able to hear from the children about how well they feel they’re progressing in their learning and the targets they have set themselves.  I have observed their learning in numeracy and they have been able to discuss the learning intentions and success criteria  of the tasks they have been working on.  In other words, ‘What am I learning today?’ and ‘How will I know I’ve been successful in that learning?’

The class commented on how much they enjoyed their ‘Survival’ topic, in particular the rafts and shelters they constructed and then tested.   I can see that everyone is working on having a classroom that mirrors our school values, with an emphasis on ‘Respect’.  A focus group shared with me how they and their class are celebrating their personal achievements and how these are celebrated in their ‘Sharing Folders’ and ‘Achievement Tree’.

Keep up the hard work and remember the ‘T’ in your ‘Respect’ acrostic – always ‘Try your best!’

Mr West  DHT

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