Fabulous Outdoor Explorer Leaders

A message from Mrs Mac about how fabulous  our P6/7 Outdoor Explorer Leaders are:

“Based on the training day and a follow up interview, they were all given individual roles and responsibilities prior to the session.  They were really professional  and positive in the way they carried them out.   We were “short staffed” as one of leaders was absent, so all the rest just mucked in and helped make the snack and organise the games.  There was no arguing or bickering during the session, with everyone working hard to ensure the P1 children were given a high quality Outdoor Explorers session.  We were all impressed by their team work and enthusiasm and the adult leaders were made redundant.  We are looking forward to working with our young leaders next week.”

Wow! What a fantastic example our older children are setting our younger ones.  Thanks Mrs Mac!

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