Dancing Queen!

Proud parents share their daughter’s success with us:

Sarahjane aged 7 started dancing when she was 5. After 3 months of training she went to her first competition. Against 29 others we said, ‘Go, try your best and enjoy.’  And she only went and won. U6 udo Scottish championship!  She continued to progress.

BDO U6 Scottish champ

2x. UDO.U6 Scottish champ

BDO U6. Duet British champ

2x UDO U8 Scottish champ

and now BDO U8 Open Champ.

This video doesn’t exist

The highest level in dance and has qualified for British championship and the world championship next year ❤️ She works hard at training 3 times a week and takes everything in her stride. Her coaches are super proud of her.

We’re super proud of her, too!  I’m hoping we might get a wee demonstration…It doesn’t just happen though. She works hard, is determined and concentrates.

A lesson for us all as we come back to school today: work hard, be determined and concentrate in everything you do!

Welcome back, everyone.


Aileen Mackay, HT.

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