Introduction to Two Staff Members

Jo and Emma

There are two new members of staff that have been in the school since August.  Jo Chamberlain, Transitions Coordinator (on the left) and Emma Campbell, Primary Mental Health Worker (on the right) have been employed for two days each with our Pupil Equity Fund. (This is the money that the Scottish Government pays schools for children who fall under certain criteria – come along to a parent Council meeting to hear more about this!)  One of the main things they are looking at is wellbeing across the whole school – for  our children and  their families as well as our staff.  You will hear  a lot more about other parts of the project over the year. (They don’t always wear matching flowery tops…!)


One of the areas that will be looked at is how we support children and families  who experience loss through change or bereavement.  Examples could be parents separating, bereavements, moving school or home and other significant losses and changes that can happen. Not everyone who experiences a loss will need extra support, but for some it can make a huge difference.


Seasons for Growth is a small group programme that is used in schools across Highland.  It builds children’s resilience by helping them to find the language to express their feelings, learn and try out new coping strategies and to have a safe space to talk about their loss should they want to; with other children who have also experienced a change or loss.  Further information about it can be found here:   We intend to run groups for different age groups across the school over the year with Sophie our school CSW and Shiona our Educational Psychologist.  If you think that your child would benefit please discuss with your child’s class teacher.


Emma and Jo are also able to offer Seasons for Growth for Adults. If this is something that you think you would benefit from too, please get in touch for further information. There will be a seminar session for interested Parents during term 2.

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