Interview with… the site manager of our school build/ refurbishment

Pupil interview with Colin aPupil interview with Colin b

Colin is the Site Manager for our building works. Some P5 pupils caught up with him last week to find out all about his job …

Colin said that this was not his first school build, he’s got lots of experience. He’s meant to work 37 hours a week but he works many more. His job can be difficult but he says he enjoys his work so he doesn’t mind.
Colin is in charge of at least 20 men on site but he previously worked on a job in Aberdeen that had 300 people on site. On that particular job there was the added complication of people speaking in different languages!

It’s important that the workmen listen to him for everyone’s safety! He says that he needs eyes on the back of his head to make sure everyone is following his instructions!

Colin hasn’t always been in charge, he started off as a joiner and worked his way up. He said that girls are under represented in the profession and that it would be great to see more ladies in the building trade.

If Colin could build anything it would be houses. He’s actually built three different homes for himself and his sons have helped!

We’re sure he’s going to do an amazing job with our school and we can’t wait for it to be finished.

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