Classroom observations

This week I have been ‘monitoring’ P3KM,  discussing learning  with Miss Mackay and her pupils to find out what it’s like to be in that class.

I’ve been able to see some very enthusiastic learning in literacy and hear pupils tell me all the great strategies they’ve got to help them when they come to ‘tricky’ words.  One group also shared with me some actions they use to help them take note of punctuation as they are reading.  The class are particularly proud of the wonderful displays they’ve created and reminded me that ‘mistakes are great, as that can be when you learn most!’ A focus group was able to share with me more details on how they think they are progressing with their learning and the targets they have set themselves in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. These are contained in their new ‘Sharing Folders’ which they can’t wait to share with people at home.  Keep up the hard work P3KM.  Believe and you will achieve!

David West, DHT

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