Home Numeracy Packs – Coming Your Way!

Number Pic

Please keep an eye out for our new Home Numeracy Packs that are being distributed to families throughout the Smithton community over the next week or so.  One Home Numeracy Pack will be given to each Smithton family and will be arriving home in your eldest child’s schoolbag.

Research tells us that parental involvement in children’s learning is one of the best ways to improve educational outcomes for all children.  Our Home Numeracy Pack provides some resources to help support maths learning at home.  The aim is to encourage parents and families to engage in simple maths games and activities.

In the packs you will find a variety of different items:

  • Dice
  • Playing Cards
  • Ruler
  • Counters
  • 100 Square & Ten Frame
  • Number Line
  • Times Tables
  • Basic Number Facts Info
  • Whiteboard and Pen

We ask that you look after this Home Numeracy Pack carefully and keep it somewhere safe.  As time goes on, you will be directed to these packs by your child’s class teacher who will provide ideas on how best to use some of these resources.  We will also promote games, activities and learning opportunities on a regular basis through newsletters and posts on the school website.

The time that you take to help support your children in their learning is invaluable and can really compliment the work that we do here in school.  Here’s hoping that together we can help to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics, and make the young people of Smithton develop their confidence in numeracy.

One thought on “Home Numeracy Packs – Coming Your Way!

  1. As the parent of a child who I think struggles a bit with her numbers I think this is an excellent idea!

    I will look forward to receiving it!


    Jenni Donnelly



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