Roots of Empathy

Recruiting Smithton’s next Baby Teacher!


Smithton Primary School is looking for our next baby and parent/s to take part in our second Roots of Empathy programme and become part of our Roots of Empathy class this year. Our Roots of Empathy class is only made possible through the Roots of Empathy families taking part.


At the heart of the programme the mother and/or father and baby come into a school class for 9 visits (each about 40 minutes long) throughout the school year, this works out at about once a month. The parents will be asked to share about how it feels to be a parent and each visit focuses on a different theme such as sleep/safety/communication. Whilst the baby becomes the ‘teacher’, the children in the class learn about neuroscience, attachment, empathy, child development and emotional literacy through observing their tiny teacher’s development throughout the year. These visits are fully supported by the Roots of Empathy Instructor and are the highlight of the programme for the children in class.


If you are or know of a family who’s baby was born July or August who may be interested and would like to find out more about the opportunity of being part of the Roots of Empathy class in Smithton Primary School please get in touch with Sophie Buchan (Roots of Empathy Instructor) on Smithton Primary number 01463 791606 or email

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