Life in the portakabins…

You may have noticed that our P4-7 classes have had to shift from their previous classrooms to new portakbins while they are being refurbished.  We thought you might like to hear what some of the pupils are making of their new surroundings so far…

‘It’s fun to be in a portakabin but it’s quite a long way from the school office.’  

‘It feels quite special to be out in the huts but when you have to go to the office you can’t get through the locked doors.’ 

‘The huts are a nice quiet place to work and I like being in the same one as a P6/7.’ 

‘The new huts have bells, but mine doesn’t.  It’s cool having paths joining the huts.’

‘I think it’s going to be really exciting when we get our new building because the classrooms are going to be bigger.’ 

‘Our school has changed so much.  It’s amazing to see everything that’s happening.’  

‘The hall’s blocked off.  The corridor joining the hall and main building has disappeared. There’s a huge pile of rubble! Look at our old classroom!’ 

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