Final Week


Can’t believe this weather! A busy week ahead but a good one. See HT weekly learning summary for the details on the website. weekly learning

Also a message from our Children’s Services Worker:

As the school year is coming to an end, Primary 6’s are on their last theme of their Roots of Empathy class ‘Goodbye and Good Wishes’. During this year the children in P6 have been learning about neuroscience, attachment, empathy, child development and emotional literacy through observing their tiny teacher Baby Rohan. Baby Rohan visited with his Mum, Coral, each week and Dad, Nathan, visited for a session too.

Some of Primary 6’s quotes about seeing Baby Rohan each month and how he makes them feel;

‘Happy’ ‘He makes me smile’ ‘Warm and Fuzzy’  ‘It makes me happy when he learns new things’

Our Roots of Empathy class is only made possible through the Roots of Empathy families taking part and the baby and their parent/s participate in 9 visits to the class throughout the year. We are now looking for our next baby and parent/s to become part of our Roots of Empathy class next year.

If you are expecting a baby in July/August or know of an expectant Mum due during July/August who may be interested and would like to find out more about the opportunity of being part of the unique and special Roots of Empathy Program please get in touch with Sophie Buchan (Roots of Empathy Instructor)on the Smithton Primary School phone number.


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