Safety Around the School

I urge you strongly to park in designated spaces or to go to the designated drop off area at Smithton Free Church. If you are late because you’ve had to walk from the church then we’ll be lenient for the next three weeks but please try and leave earlier to arrive on time.

For the days of the school show (Friday 8th, Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th) please understand that the parking will be compromised. Your children are my concern and will always come first – please be considerate and plan ahead.

There have been a number of complaints and I have contacted appropriate agencies however we need to work together here.

The Parent Council posted this on their Face Book page today:

Parking at School.

I know that it is frustrating that there is very limited parking at the school just now due to the continuing building works, however can I please ask that all parents park safely and with consideration to all of our children’s safety.

Please do not park obstructing the pavement, which forces our kids to have to step into/walk on the road and could prevent them from crossing safely.

There are plenty of spaces at Smithton Free Church and the walk to school take 5 – 10 minutes maximum.

Thank you in advance for your patience and adjustments at this busy time for the school.

Aileen Mackay HT

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