Scottish Mischief Makers

summer reading challenge picThis year’s Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge Scotland is Mischief Makers; celebrating the 80th anniversary of the much-loved comic, Beano. Your child can help Dennis, Gnasher and friends explore Beanotown to find the mysterious buried treasure – with tons of fun along the way!

It’s totally free and to get started all your child has to do is sign up at the library where they will be given a collector poster to keep a record of their Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge Scotland journey. As they read their books, each child will receive
special stickers to complete their poster. Once they have collected all the stickers they will be able to find the buried treasure and become top mischief makers!

Children are encouraged to read at least six library books. They can be any books they like – novels, fact books, joke books, e-books or audio books, they all count – and your library will have staff and volunteers on hand to help children choose books they will
really enjoy.

More information can be found on the leaflet below:


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