Believe You Will Achieve!

There’s been so much happening during our Sports and Health week that we can’t tell you about everything, but here’s one or two highlights to start us off…

A Race For Life superstar!


Terrific skill and sportsmanship shown at the Highland Girls Football tournament on Tuesday:

Girls Football Pic

Primary 4/5 had two visitors from Inverness Caley Thistle Under 18s team. Both Jack and Cameron have just been signed in a professional capacity to ICTFC. The boys came and spoke to the children about how they have managed to get where they are and that is clearly through hard work and determination. Jack and Cameron spoke to Primary 4/5 about the importance of good sportsmanship and a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude, as well as the sport skills. This came after a hugely successful sports day where P4/5 demonstrated that ‘If you believe, you will achieve!’

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