National Literacy Trust – Young Readers Programme

Research shows that reading for pleasure is one of the most effective ways to help children reach their full potential. The Young Readers Programme motivates children  to read for enjoyment.

Children are taught how to choose books they will enjoy, and take home books of their own to keep at events throughout the year.

90 pupils from P3, 4,and some from P5 have had their first session of reading outdoors with the National Literacy Trust. Thanks to the school staff that made it such a fantastic and enjoyable session on Thursday! It has been great to take advantage of this again as last year’s group have had more children engage with reading for pleasure and started a book club twice a week because of it! Each child ends up with three books for free. A number of children in P5  took it all on board and are now really engrossed in books. This broadens vocabulary, extends general knowledge and encourages confidence to tackle new aspects of learning – all of which helps to raise attainment.  Some photos from the event can be seen here.

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