Eden Court Stars

I’ve been waiting for this photo so I could share some proud moments with you from the end of last term!


Rock Challenge 2

Rock Challenge group did us proud. Staff and young people were a credit and the Director of Care and Learning commented on the theme of the performance, the hard work that was evident and how it was clear they had taken ownership. So proud of them.

Another set of stars were also appearing in Eden Court in March. We have a long tradition of young people taking part in drama and music and we were delighted to hear a number of our folk were munchkins in the Wizard of Oz –  and Fiona was the star of the show!


These activities provide all sort of skills for life: commitment, resilience, confidence, bravery, teamwork, etc, etc.

We are grateful to all who work with our youngsters after school whether it’s Thistle Colts, brownies, gymnastic clubs, music, theatre, martial arts, boxing as well as all our in house extra curricular clubs run by volunteer staff to enhance their learning and to all parents who are shaping our young people.

Aileen Mackay, HT.

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