Tribute to Kyle Robertson

Kyle with James

We want to offer our condolences to the Robertson family of Smithton Park at the loss of a son, brother and uncle who died in a car accident on Sunday. Kyle was a former pupil of Smithton nursery and school who, despite his cystic fibrosis, was determined to remain fit and healthy.

All his days at Smithton he was a bundle of energy and is best remembered for his sporting prowess and his care and compassion with younger children. Kyle had a great relationship with some of our nursery children and had such patience with them.

We had just agreed for Kyle to come and speak with the school during our sports week in May about resilience and determination to overcome difficulties as he had done, and to raise some money for the Leanne fund – a cystic fibrosis charity.

All our young people coming through the nursery and school are very precious to us – even when they leave school. To all Kyle’s family we extend our love and share so many memories.

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