Maths and Numeracy

If you can, join us on Wednesday 14th March for some maths fun! Drop in at any point between 2pm and 3.45pm if you can. The school day will end at 2.45pm or 3.00pm as normal, but teachers will be available until 3.45pm for any other parents to pop along and have a discussion about maths.

Come to the  hall, from 2pm where Mr Hardie and some pupils will be ‘showcasing’ a particular mental maths activity.  One table will be set out for each class.  If you have something else on don’t worry – just chat to your child’s teacher about some of the games that work best for your child. Once you have seen the games in the hall, you will then be invited to go to classes to see your children play a  variety of maths games.

Some of you asked for more maths strategies that we use in school to be shown to you so you could help more at home. Mr Hardie has set up some  ‘Home Numeracy Packs’ that will be distributed to each family and you will get the opportunity to have a go in the afternoon.

Request for Volunteers

We are currently developing ‘Home Numeracy Packs’ that will be sent out to each family in the Smithton Primary School community.  We are needing a little bit of assistance to put these packs together, and would like to ask if any parents are able and willing to give up a little time to help us do this.  In the first instance, we will be looking for volunteers to do some photocopying, laminating, etc.

If you think that you can spare some time, no matter how little or how much, please contact the school office on (01463) 791 606.  Many thanks.





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