Be responsible, safe and respectful online

For Safer Internet Day Primary 5 created five rules to encourage people to be responsible, safe and respectful online:

  • Don’t share your personal information online.                                                          You wouldn’t tell a stranger on the street about yourself, so why post it online?!
  • Think about what you are posting or sharing before you share.                              Be share aware!
  • Always ask permission before you post a picture of someone else online.          Be respectful of other people’s feelings!
  • Don’t speak to strangers online.                                                                                   Report but don’t reply, delete or agree to meet!
  • Tell an adult if someone asks to meet you online.                                                 Report but don’t reply, delete or agree to meet! 

    All of our classes were involved in learning about different aspects of internet safety and we were delighted to welcome various family members in to the school to discuss any issues that they felt were important and how to find support and advice online.

A number of resources that were discussed are now available on the ‘Online Safety’ section of our website – on the drop down menu under ‘Digital Learning’. You can see a brief overview of the sites and links to their content by clicking here.


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