Scottish Ensemble

‘On Wednesday 15th November 2017 we had a visit from The Scottish Ensemble. Thirteen members of the Ensemble, a small string orchestra, played in the school hall for 45 minutes. The performance was watched by the children in Primary 5 to 7, and they were given the opportunity to experience world class players at very close hand.

Three children from Primary 5 had an even closer experience, when they were invited to go and sit amongst the players.

Michael Hart was one of the children chosen to sit between the players. He said “It was really good sitting with the rest of the class, but it was amazing being able to sit up close to the instruments. I really liked how they played, especially the violins.”

The Ensemble didn’t just play music from the Classical era, but played pieces that reflected things as diverse as the bombing of Dresden in WW2 and life in the Australian outback. Two members of the Ensemble performed a clapping duet and the children were able to join in with their own ‘clapping orchestra’.’

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