We Value Your Feedback!

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Parent/Carer Feedback

We are always striving to improve all aspects of your child’s education. As you know, this year our main focus is Raising Attainment in Numeracy and Improving Parental Engagement.

In September, at parent sessions, we asked for what you would find most useful and for any other suggestions to make our school better. We will be looking at the suggestions over the coming weeks and months and working on the Numeracy leaflets, as well as adding useful websites onto the school blog.

137 feedback sheets were received – thank you!

Out of these –

  • 78 parents said that they would like to visit their child’s classroom and learn numeracy games
  • 72 parents would like to see links to numeracy games on the school blog
  • 45 asked for a coffee morning/afternoon ‘Nibbles and Natter’
  • 87 asked for a leaflet explaining how to play various different games to support children in Numeracy

Other suggestions were –

  • Parent education workshops to be better able to help children at home.
  • How to get access at home to help my children with the current learning style. My style is not in line with how children learn now.
  • Met The Teacher could have been longer.
  • Making numeracy relevant in real life situations.
  • A more standardised view to homework.
  • Have noticed a lot of children taking their bikes to school so would like to see more cycling proficiency to cover road safety.
  • Games we can play as a family/with siblings.
  • I would like to see kids being engaged in more physical / active games (sports) with counting, distance measurement etc, presented in non-competitive way. This way naturally enhances naturel understanding of numbers and maths.


  • Being kept informed about good behaviour and children rewarded for on-going good behaviour.
  • More regular contact with teacher.
  • Good behaviour being rewarded. Not bad behaviour being rewarded.
  • More activities within the homework that can be done with a parent or as a family. Open days are also good but not too many for full time working parents.
  • Parent education workshops to be better able to help children at home.
  • Leaflets to remind parents how to complete maths equations as the students move up a level.
  • If they find things hard give them an older buddy to help them.
  • Parent council should let parents and carers be more involved rather than just watching over the children. They should let parents/carers know of events earlier, so more people can get involved.
  • Room for comments from teacher/parents on homework books.
  • The Highland Council need to build more parking or drop off for morning and afternoon.
  • I think the links are a good idea as this can be done at home for those parents who can’t make it to the school due to work etc.
  • Would be good to be able to view their work progress more regularly.
  • Monthly updates on progress/anything we can assist with at home.
  • To make sure all children behave and not to disrupt other pupils in the class, otherwise a fantastic school and the girls at reception are so helpful.
  • Coming into school / class to see games in “action” very beneficial. We could also see the fun in learning.
  • I would love to have parents evening in the classroom, so we can see their projects etc on the wall.
  • Maths practice sheets, not as homework but as an aid.
  • Lollypop at the gates the cars are crazy.
  • Ideas on fun games etc darts – counting.



General Commets

  • Love Class Dojo.
  • Love the sports and running a mile a day. Very good for kid’s. Healthy and good to have competition.
  • Couldn’t think of any way this school could be better.
  • Happy with the changes in the school since Ms Banks has started and I hope she will stay

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