The Daily Mile

daily mile

Every class in the school is participating this year in The Daily Mile. Last session some classes did The Daily Mile and after feedback from children, staff and some parents we decided to roll it out over the whole school. The children walk, jog or run with their classmates around the playground. Everyone has fun taking part- it is not P.E. and it is not competitive- while building relationships, confidence and resilience. This can be summed up in the Five F’s:

Fitness- children become more aware of a healthy lifestyle

Fresh Air- children thrive on the sights, sounds and seasons

Friends- children use the language of friendship to support each other, improving their social and leadership skills

Fun- children enjoy taking part – this is what makes The Daily Mile so successful

Focus- daily physical activity helps children concentrate in the classroom and is proven to raise attainment

You can support this at home, by both encouraging their confidence in running, and moving outside with them out of school hours

For further information The Daily Mile

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